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Strategic Law Enforcement Interviewing Course (SLIC)

3-day, “hands-on” course focusing on Lena Sisco’s methods for non-accusatory interviewing

Professional Standards & Internal Investigations

Take complaints through a proper, thorough investigation to determine the truth

Fire Death & Arson Investigations

A fire death occurs every 3 hours in the US. This 2-day course focuses on the effects of fire on human remains, dual Fire/Police Investigation "team concept," essential court preparation to avoid critical mistakes in prosecution of these cases.

Criminal Investigations for Patrol Officers and New Detectives

3 day course designed to assist with learning the fundamental basics of criminal investigations

Death Investigations and Scene Analysis

Enhance investigators' ability to recognize and understand various causes and manners of death.

Sexual Assault & Special Victims Investigations

Examine numerous types of interpersonal violence such as sexual assaults, intimate partner violence, child abuse, jail and prison sexual offenses, and infant deaths

Advanced Death Investigation

Take a deep dive into some of the more complex investigations, what sets them apart, and how to solve them

Vice & Narcotics Investigations

Three-day examining several key factors Vice and Narcotics detectives face during routine investigations

Safety & Situational Awareness for Patrol Officers

Preparing LEO's to be better prepared and remain cognizant when faced with dangerous situations in the execution of routine duties. Situational Awareness is critical when facing a myriad of potentially dangerous incidents.

Infant Death, Child Abuse & Neglect

Recognize signs of physical, mental and/or sexual abuse of children

Hostage/Crisis Negotiations

This 5-day course will address every aspect of effectively handling a hostage crisis and negotiations

Leadership Skills for Law Enforcement

Transformational leaders are able to clearly communicate the organization’s vision to the workforce to successfully direct the execution of its mission

Mass Fatality - Active Shooter

Lear to assist with preparing first responders, management and other personnel how to effectively handle mass casualty scenes and/or an active threat situation

Hostage/Crisis Negotiations for Emergency Communication Officers

One day course designed for dispatchers who are thrown into a negotiator's role by telephone or other electronic means

The Opioid Crisis; Death Investigation & Prosecution

Forensic experts will teach methods on how to properly recover these drugs and how to protect yourself against accidental exposures.

Frontline Supervisors Leadership Course

You're a Patrol Officer one day and the next you're a supervisor. Learn about critical communication techniques, ethics, decision making, community skills, performance appraisals, and discipline. Prepare yourself for the next step in your career, and learn how to avoid making mistakes that might lead to civil liability.

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