Mass Fatality - Active Shooter

Active Shooter incidents are rapidly growing in localities across the United States. Is your department prepared? This course is designed to assist with preparing first responders, management and other personnel how to effectively handle mass casualty scenes and/or an active threat situation. It focuses on the initial response, methods for securing scenes, collection of, and processing, evidence, essential steps for establishing incident command locations and how to operationally manage critical incidents. Additionally, the course includes discussions on the use of mutual aid, family assistance support, establishing a communication plan for media and collaboration with departmental Public Information Officers. A Virginia State Profiler will share insight on what motivates those whom commit these acts of violence, together with shared characteristics of previous shooters. Learn first-hand, how quickly a “daily routine” can change outcomes by using the recent events of “east coast” active shooter cases. We’re happy to announce the addition of the compelling “Trauma Behind the Badge” presentation by a Nationally recognized speaker, who shares information on the psychological effects mass fatalities, such as Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Pulse Nightclub and the Virginia Beach mass shooting have on law enforcement officers and how to get help. 

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