Leadership Skills for Law Enforcement

Participants will learn techniques to equip them to become transformational leaders in law enforcement organizations. Transformational leaders are able to clearly communicate the organization’s vision to the workforce to successfully direct the execution of its mission. Leaders must demonstrate the ability to identify, and professionally address, emerging challenges, engage the workforce and learn to include staff in decision making and mission planning; fostering a team environment to grow and development professional subject matter experts and ultimately develop future leaders of an organization.

Participants will take a closer look at their own personality characteristics or innate, undeveloped leadership skills as well as for those for whom they interact personally and professionally; helping to promote trust and respect while encouraging motivation and success in the workplace.

During the 3 day training, Lena Sisco will deliver in-depth coverage of (3) three leadership models and styles, various climates they can create, how to provide effective feedback and how to overcome communication styles.  Partcipants will learn effective leadership through structured organizational changes, systemic conditions present in all organizations and methods to overcome communication barriers that often result in breakdown of partnerships - the key to successful leadership in any organization.

Participants will engage in thought-provoking exercises and test new techniques in a final capstone exercise where they will be required to identify real & current challenges, using skills and techniques outlined in this course and identify the necessary leadership skills to address and resolve emerging challenges in law enforcement organizations today.

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