Safety & Situational Awareness for Patrol Officers

Most people believe the possibility of being shot is the most significant danger law enforcement officers face daily. Data shows today’s law enforcement officers face a myriad of potentially dangerous outcomes during a typical shift.

Training and education helps officers be better prepared when faced with dangerous situations in the execution of routine duties. This course addresses the importance of a heightened sense of awareness of officers’ surroundings, recognizing unusual behaviors and effective communication methods to de-escalate hostile situations for improved outcomes. This course will also cover additional topics and resources to aid law enforcement officers in modern day, potentially dangerous, investigations.

This course is recommended for: Patrol Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Patrol Supervisors, SRO’s, FTO’s and CRO’s.

Topics Covered

  • Initial Response to Crime Scene
  • Gangs in the Neighborhood
  • Responding and Dealing with Mental Health Issues
  • Identification and Handling of Dangerous Narcotics
  • Body Language Awareness
  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Indicators of Deception
  • Non-Accusatory Interviews
  • De-escalation Techniques for Law Enforcement
  • Documenting Observations & Actions Accurately in Reports
  • Behavioral & Psychological Indicators of School Shooters
  • Mass Violence and Threat Assessments.
  • Course Availability
  • Dates Coming Soon...
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Donnie Norrell, Retired, Norfolk Police Department
Donnie Norrell
Retired, Norfolk Police Department

Donnie earned a BA in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University and served 26 years with the Norfolk Police Department before retiring. After graduating from the police academy, he was assigned to uniform patrol briefly before moving into Vice & Narcotics, where he spent 10 years. He was transferred to K-9, where he served as part of the emergency response team (ERT) for the next 5 years and completed his time in Norfolk, assigned to Homicide. During his 10 year stent in homicide, he was assigned to 77 “active” homicides, achieved a 100% clearance rate and brought to a close 7 “cold case” homicides. He’s received several letters of commendation and was awarded Police Officer of the Year in 1999. After retiring from the police department, Donnie continued his work in death investigations with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, in Norfolk, Virginia, where he served as the State’s Senior Investigator. He was certified by the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators and has conducted over five thousand medicolegal death investigations. Donnie was a certified instructor with DCJS, a member of the Virginia Beach police “civilian” cold case squad and the NCIS cold case work group.

Lena Sisco, Body Language Expert, Certified Military Interrogator, Author
Lena Sisco
Body Language Expert, Certified Military Interrogator, Author

Lena Sisco is a Certified Military Interrogator with an extensive background in interviewing and interrogation. While working in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, she was involved in interrogating members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Her ability to build a rapport, employ effective questioning techniques and accurately read body language led to numerous successes that saved American lives. She is the Founder of Concruency Group and since 2003 has shared her skills with both, law enforcement and military professions to include DEA, Border Patrol, Defense Intelligence Agency, Navy Special Warfare as well as other local, State and Federal Agencies. Her techniques have been used to assist these individuals in their personal and professional lives, apprehend criminals and gather necessary intelligence for our military. She holds a Master's Degree from Brown University and authored two books, titled "You're Lying," a book that describes the techniques of detecting deception Lena has developed and mastered as well as "Marine Scout Snipers." Ms. Sisco has been a keynote speaker for TED and several private sector businesses, and is recognized as a certified Expert in the art of enhanced communications.

James (Jamie) Thomas, Senior Homicide Detective, Chesapeake Police Department
James (Jamie) Thomas
Senior Homicide Detective, Chesapeake Police Department

James G. (Jamie) Thomas earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Leo University; graduating Cum Laude. Jamie is currently a dedicated Senior Homicide Detective with the Chesapeake Police Department. Twenty-two years with the CPD, has equipped Detective Thomas with a well-rounded background in proven investigative strategies and is recognized by many as an expert in the field of Cellular Survey Analysis; well versed and documented successful prosecutions using key facets of the technology, such as writing and effecting search warrants for cellular devices, call detail records and mapping. While he has demonstrated much success in effectively prosecuting cases of burglary, larceny, forgery, assault, missing persons, robbery, abduction, murder for hire, and homicide using his expertise in Cellular Analysis techniques, Detective Thomas’ was most proud when he solved a case of a twelve-year-old girl, kidnapped and taken to Mexico, using Cellular Analysis techniques and strategies; remarkably, the girl was returned to her family.  Jamie has received numerous Meritorious Service Awards; Hampton Roads Top Cop Award in 2004 and Great Bridge Ruritan Club Police Officer of the Year in 2000 are just two of many awarded to Detective James G. (Jamie) Thomas.