Hostage/Crisis Negotiations

Potential for violence is always present. All law enforcement agencies, large and small, will face and must be trained and prepared, to execute during a hostage crisis. This 5-day course will address every aspect of effectively handling a hostage crisis and negotiations.

Incidents involving barricaded subjects, hostage takers, or persons threatening suicide represent especially trying and stressful moments for law enforcement responding to them.

The skills of the hostage crisis negotiations team member has consistently proven to be law enforcement’s most risk-effective method to achieve the most successful outcome. Negotiation diffusing skills represent law enforcement’s most successful resource to resolve incidents without injury. This training is designed to equip  law enforcement with the necessary skills and techniques to successfully deescalate potential life and death situations.

Course Content

  • Hostage and non-hostage situations
  • assessing threats, duties and responsibilities
  • techniques of negotiations and interaction
  • active listening
  • learning "a new language"
  • surrender rituals
  • liability issues and much more.

* This course would also be beneficial to current hostage negotiators.

Note: This is not a certification class and includes tactics for applications other than face-to-face.

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