The Opioid Crisis; Death Investigation & Prosecution

In recent years, the opioid crisis in America has become one of the worst epidemics facing Law Enforcement Officers. It has created a more dangerous work environment for officers and has led to thousands of deaths.

In 2016, there were over 1,400 opioid related drug overdose deaths in Virginia. The State Medical Examiner reported a 175% increase in deaths related to Fentanyl. Confirmed cases of Carfentanil and new synthetic opioid called U-47700 have appeared in Virginia. Carfentanil is 100 times more potent than Fentanyl.

Forensic experts will teach methods on how to properly recover these drugs and how to protect yourself against accidental exposures. A Forensic Pathologist will share critical information on how these drugs effect the human body and how they can cause one's death.

New approaches of combating this epidemic will be covered by a seasoned prosecutor in terms of preparing 2nd degree Felony Murder cases against dealers; and critical elements and evidence necessary to lead to convictions. An expert in the field of Cell phone Tracking and Analysis will share how this is key to effective prosecution. Learn how to properly present this evidence in court. 

Targeted Audience: Law Enforcement Officers, Homicide Detectives, Narcotics Detectives, Campus Police and Prosecutors.

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