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Dr. Leah Bush, retired Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia, teaches manners of death as part of the Death Investigations courses.

Dr. Leah Bush, retired Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia, teaches manners of death as part of the Death Investigations courses.

sexual assault & special victims investigations

Date: October 24 - 25, 2019 Rate: 250/Person

Location: Williamsburg Police Dept., Williamsburg Stryker Center, 412 North Boundary St, Williamsburg, VA 23185


Investigating Sexual Assault, Pediatric Forensic Exams, Infant Deaths - Medical Examiner Role, Sexual Assault Scene Analysis & Evidence Recovery, Forensic Interviewing, Infant Death Scene Analysis & Evidence Recovery, Profiling Sexual Predators, Strategic Interviewing & Detecting Verbal and Non-Verbal Deception, Practical Exercises (Sexual Assault & Infant Death Scene Analysis), and Discussion on Practical Exercises.



Dates: September 18 - 20, 2019     Va. Beach          SOLD OUT

January 22 - 24, 2020 Henrico, VA SOLD OUT

February 3 - 5, 2020 Chesterfield, VA OPEN

Location: Chesterfield Public Safety Training Center, 6610 Public Safety Way, Chesterfield, Virginia 23822

Course Description: Strategic Law Enforcement Interviewing Course (SLIC)

SLIC is a 3-day, “hands-on” school focusing on Lena Sisco’s methods for non-accusatory interviewing. Attendees will receive instruction for:

  • Obtaining truthful information, motivations and intent, not just a confession

  • Effectively using advanced questioning techniques and elicitation

  • Creating a safe environment to gain trust and truthful information

  • Effectively using the “Don’t Tell, Ask” practice to avoid giving an interviewee a way out

  • Remaining objective, focused and emotionally controlled

  • Avoiding the misinformation effect and avoiding false confessions

  • Increasing awareness and observation skills; to accurately read body language

  • Accurately detecting and assessing verbal and nonverbal deceptive indicators and identifying behavioral incongruence.

Being properly prepared and mentally alert are key factors when conducting effective interviews and interrogation and are essential with establishing rapport, use of questioning techniques and recognizing deceptive behavior. More than a series of lectures, attendees will actively participate and engage in numerous activities, to include; analyzing videos, conducting real-world elicitation on strangers, utilzing questioning techniques in classroom exercises, accurately reading body language in others and conducting statement analysis. Participants will gain valuable insight, learn and perfect techniques that may lead someone to the breaking point of telling the truth.

Lena Sisco has trained over 400 Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland law enforcement - received rave reviews and many testimonials of proven success after receiving this valuable training.

Who Should Attend: Patrol Officers, FTO’s Detectives, Background, Internal Affairs & Arson Investigators, Polygraph Examiners and Supervisors of all levels.

Testimonial: Upon evaluating this training, I would strongly recommend it for our Detectives. The techniques and the supporting scientific theories are well proven. This is the cutting edge training currently taught to our national investigative and military agencies. The Instructor's experiences with detainees that are loyal to an organization (Al Qaeda), Taliban, Isis) are very similar to what we face with loyalties in the Gang culture. The techniques are not only applicable for interrogations but for victim/witness interviews and for conducting canvasses.

                                                 S. Squyres, Norfolk Police Dept.

Basic death investigation

August 29-30, 2019                                      Cost $250/Student  Multi-student discounts

Location:    York County Sheriffs Office, York County, VA

Course Description: This is a 2-day course, to include lecture, presentations, video, hands-on participation, class discussion, demonstration, and the use of mock crime scenes to enhance the student's ability to handle death investigations from the 911 call to the completion of a thorough and successful investigation. The student will participate in analyzing mock crime scenes and discussion of scene, forensic techniques, note-taking, scene management, securing search warrants, case preparation, and death notifications.

This is a 16 hour course taught by veteran law enforcement and medical professionals with extensive experience in the field of death investigations.

Course designed for:  Any law enforcement officer who may encounter a death investigation or supervise a death investigation while working uniform patrol, investigations, or who may investigate deaths in state facilities, college/university campuses, or correctional facilities.


* Managing Death Scene                          * Natural &  Undetermined Deaths

* Accidental & Work-related Deaths         * Blood Spatter Analysis

* Opioid-related Deaths                           * Suicide Investigations

* Search Warrants                                     * Infant Deaths

Basic criminal investigation

July 29 - 31, 2019 - Norfolk Police Training Center, 2500 N. Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23502    $295.00/Person 

This two day course is designed to assist with learning the basics of criminal investigative duties.  Topics include how to assess a crime scene, evaluate and determine the type of crime committed, as well as methods to use to conduct a thorough investigation.  Proven techniques for the handling of evidence, writing and securing search warrants, identifying suspects and soliciting confessions will be presented.  The practical exercises conducted will assist the attendee in building confidence in their ability, as well as instruct them on how to prepare for a successful criminal case prosecution.

The training is designed for Patrol Officers, New and Seasoned Investigators, Field Training Officers, Crime Scene Personnel and Supervisors


Initial Response to Crime Scenes                                     Natural & Unattended Death Investigations

Use of Drones                 Search Warrants

Interview & Interrogation Techniques                             Bitcoin and Block Chain Technologies

Cell Phone Tracking and Investigative Technology         Sexual Assaults Investigations

Use of Social Media Note-taking and Court Preparation

hostage/crisis negotiations for emergency communication officers

Date:   Next Class Date: TBD


Course Description:  This one day course is designed for dispatchers who are thrown into a negotiator's role by telephone or other electronic means. These basic tactics include the same techniques and training used by the International Association of Hostage Negotiators. This course is designed to provide basic knowledge and techniques used in crisis negotiations and crisis intervention.

Course Content:   Hostage and non-hostage situations, assessing threats, duties and responsibilities, techniques of negotiations, techniques and interaction, active listening, learning "a new language," surrender rituals, liability issues and more.

*  This course would also be beneficial to current hostage negotiators.

Note: This is not a certification class and includes tactics for applications other than face-to-face.

TESTIMONIAL - By George Misok

While I was employed as a Police Dispatcher with EVMS Police for eight years, Boe participated, taught, and advised, in a number of Hostage Crisis, Workplace Violence, Hostile Work Environment, and Active Shooter Drills, including both Sentara and CHKD organizations. They were very well received and generated; many positive accolades. He had a huge bank of knowledge, and more importantly, hands-on experiences as a Norfolk Police Officer in all four areas mentioned above. He is a great instructor. If you ever get a chance to attend one of his classes, you will walk away with many years' experience and practical applications that may save your life and the lives' of others. 

JAIL and prison investigation course

Date:  March 21-22, 2018                            Cost: $225/Person

Location: Delta Hotel by Marriott, 725 Woodlake Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Course Description:  Custodial investigations are some of the less publicized investigations until something goes wrong.

This course will provide Sheriffs, Jailers, Prison Guards, Sheriff Department Investigators and Police Investigators how to investigate and handle some of the more serious situations facing custodial institutions.

An experienced PIO will discuss handling correction crisis communications to include; dissemination of information to other agencies and the media. A hostage negotiator will teach De-escalating Crisis and Hostage Situations. Sexual Assault, suicide, and death investigations will be taught together with the Medical Examiner and their role in these investigations. Scene investigations, collection of evidence, interviewing and prosecution will be covered on each topic.

The importance of a thorough internal investigation will also be part of this two-day course.


Dr. Samantha Wetzer - Forensic Pathologist & Local Medical Examiner for City of Virginia Beach.

Larry Hill - PIO for Va. Dept. of Health, former PIO for NPD & Va. State Police

Major David Hughes - Newport News Sheriff's Office

Detective Rebecca Peyer - Va. Beach Police Dept, Special Victims Unit

Alan "Boe" Bostjancic - Retired NPD Sgt., Va. Director International Association of Hostage Negotiators

advanced training for uniformed patrol officers

Date:  August 13 - 14, 2018                                                                Rate: $225/Person  

Register 3 & get 4th free

Location: Chesterfield Public Safety Training Center, 6610 Public Safety Way, Chesterfield, Virginia 23822

Course Description: Course is designed to provide members of law enforcement, currently assigned to patrol duties, a better understanding of how to respond, manage and comprehend crime scenes, handle individuals suffering from autism, excited delirium and other mental disabilities as well as, how to recognize deceptive behavior when interviewing witnesses, suspects and/or persons of interest.

Attendees will be instructed on how to identify and avoid common mistakes often made during preliminary death investigations and will enhance their level of confidence in working them, as they participate in various "mock exercises" involving different types of death scenes, "active shooter" scenarios and strategic interview techniques. The dangers of opioid drugs will be addressed in this segment.

Students will become familiar with how to identify current gangs, their cultures and the issues their loyalty and structure pose to  the law enforcement profession.


Donnie Norrell, Medicolegal Death Investigator, Retired Norfolk Police Dept.

Lena Sisco, Author, CEO, TED Speaker & Expert in Deceptive Behavior

Jamie Thomas, Chesapeake Police Dept. Homicide Unit

Randy Crank, Sergeant, Norfolk Police Dept., President, Virginia Gang Association

David Huffman, Lion Claw Tactical Training Director

the opioid crisis; death investigation & prosecution

Date:  September 10, 2018                                                    Cost: $150/Includes Lunch

Location: Newport News Police Dept, 9710 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23605

Course Description: In recent years, the opioid crisis in America has become one of the worst epidemics facing Law Enforcement Officers. It has created a more dangerous work environment for officers and has led to thousands of deaths.

In 2016, there were over 1,400 opioid related drug overdose deaths in Virginia. The State Medical Examiner reported a 175% increase in deaths related to Fentanyl. Confirmed cases of Carfentanil and new synthetic opioid called U-47700 have appeared in Virginia. Carfentanil is 100 times more potent than Fentanyl.

Forensic experts will teach methods on how to properly recover these drugs and how to protect yourself against accidental exposures. A Forensic Pathologist will share critical information on how these drugs effect the human body and how they can cause one's death.

New approaches of combating this epidemic will be covered by a seasoned prosecutor in terms of preparing 2nd degree Felony Murder cases against dealers; and critical elements and evidence necessary to lead to convictions. An expert in the field of Cell phone Tracking and Analysis will share how this is key to effective prosecution. Learn how to properly present this evidence in court. 

Targeted Audience: Law Enforcement Officers, Homicide Detectives, Narcotics Detectives, Campus Police and Prosecutors.


December 9-12, 2019   Cost: $450/Person

Location: Suffolk Police Dept, 111 Henley Place, Suffolk, VA 23434

Investigating deaths can be very complex and demanding on departmental resources.  Every death investigation, no matter the cause, deserves a complete and thorough investigation. No other investigation draws more public attention and/or scrutiny than one involving multiple victims. When faced with a Mass Fatality, law enforcement agencies must use the most up-to-date, proven methods and best investigative practices, to complete an efficient, thorough investigation; working together with multi-jurisdictions and utilizing mutual aid. Learn how the tragic Virginia Tech and Virginia Beach mass fatalities were successfully investigated by carefully processing the crime scene and utilizing methods to carefully collect, document and preserve evidence.

The focus of this course is to enhance investigators' ability to recognize and understand various manners and causes of death as well as to develop the skill set to execute a thorough investigation and work with others.

Dr. Leah Bush, retired Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia, will teach segments on DC Sniper and Sexual related homicides.

Dr. Elayne Pope, Forensic Anthropologist, describes her extensive research based on realistic studies of human burn patterns, effects of accelerates and how to recognize natural and unnatural burn patterns on human bodies. She covers methods to distinguish animal bones from human bones and other ways a forensic anthropologist can assist in your investigations.

The newest advancements in cell phone mapping and tracking will be examined together with case studies demonstrating how this technology is currently being used to solve cases. Knowledge and understanding of Blood Spatter analysis is a key tool in efficiently reconstructing the crime scene. Interactive class participation exercise and presentation will aid in a better understanding and use in future death investigations.

Crime scene management and supervision of violent crime scenes will be covered by a supervisor who has managed and supervised hundreds of homicides.

Lena Sisco shares her expertise in the field of Strategic Law Enforcement Interviewing and Interrogating. Techniques of detecting deception through body language, written statements and verbal responses will be covered. Founder of the Congruency Group and author of several books, Sisco was involved in interrogating members of Al Qaeda and Taliban at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She taught these methods to DEA, US Border patrol, Navy Special Warfare as well as hundreds of local and state Law Enforcement agencies.

Investigative Concepts, LLC. takes pride in designing each course with leading edge, accurate, and current information, bringing it to you by securing the most experienced, dynamic instructors, and is sure to take investigators' investigative capabilities to the next level. The speakers in this course share more than 125 years of personal experience in the field of death investigation. Register ASAP, there are only 35 available slots for this course.


Crime Scene Management Mass Fatalities (Va Tech - Va. Beach) Sex-related Homicides

Fire Deaths     Infant Death Investigations Blood Spatter Analysis    DC Sniper

Cell Phone Mapping & Tracking     Interview & Interrogation  Officer-Involved Shootings

In-custody Deaths Dealing With Tragedy



June 8-9, 2016 - Marriott Hotel, Chesapeake, VA                               $250.00

August 10, 2016 - Henrico County Fire Training Academy                  Class Full

This two day course is designed to assist with learning the principles of fire and arson as they relate to death investigations.  Learn to recognize and understand the characteristics of natural and unnatural burn patterns on the human body, as Dr. Elayne Pope, Forensic Anthropologist, describes her research based on realistic studies.  Understand how multiple agencies function as one while processing and collecting crime scene evidence as they strive to solve the crime of arson.  Hear from a seasoned Fraud Investigator, methods being used to manipulate millions of dollars from insurance companies in fraudulent schemes. 

This training is designed for Homicide Investigators, Arson Investigators, Fire Marshals, Field Training Officers, Crime Scene Personnel, Prosecutors and Investigative Supervisors. 


Burn Patterns to the Human Body                                Preexisting Trauma

Effects of Accelerants                                                  Structure and Vehicular Fires

Evacuation of Fire Scenes                                           Fire Suppression Systems

Functions of Smoke Alarms                                         Fire Fraud

Working with the OCME                                              Legal Issues and Prosecution

Multi-Jurisdictional Cooperation                                 Handling and Packaging Evidence

Sexual assault investigations & sexual related homicides

April 21-22, 2016 - Norfolk Public Health Building                             $250.00

This two day course is designed for personnel who investigate sex related crimes involving both adult & child special victims, Campus Police, Family Service Investigators and those responsible for prosecuting sex related crimes. 

This 16 hour course of training will be presented by veteran law enforcement and medical professionals with extensive backgrounds in the field of sexual assault, involving both adults and children.  It offers an investigative course of action, strategies and tactical steps to take to insure a successful prosecution.  The course covers how sexual assault crimes can become sexual related homicides.  The Forensics Interviews will include interviewing child witnesses to homicides. 


Sex Related Homicides                                                  Date Rape Drugs

Initial Scene and Stranger Rapes                                   Trace Evidence Recovery

Pediatric Anatomy, Acute Injuries and PERK Kits           Sex Related Deaths

Forensic Interviews                                                        Legal Issues and Case Preparation

Investigator Bias in Sexual Assault Investigations


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*Class Date To Be Determined*

This one day course focuses on recognizing signs of physical, mental and/or sexual abuse of children, as well as infant deaths.  It offers an investigative course of action and steps to take to prosecute when necessary.  This course is designed for personnel assigned to investigate crimes involving juvenile special victims and other violent crimes as well as Family Service Investigators and those responsible for prosecuting infant death and child abuse cases. 

This is an 8 hour course taught by veteran law enforcement and medical professionals with extensive experience in the field of Child abuse, neglect and infant death



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*Class Date To Be Determined*